Mami Tomoe
This girl is magical girl Mami

Tomoe! She is one of the main

characters of the psychological,

horror anime Madoka Magica!

Her powers are centered around

guns + ribbons as her primary

weaponry, and her motif is

focused on flowers + sweets!

Mami is the oldest of

the five magical girls.

She is remarked as

kind, gentle, and a

rather cheerful girl!

Throughout the series,

bits of Mami's true

loneliness are revealed.

As with many magical girls,

Mami has a thematic color! She has

yellow theming, which has its roots

in maturity, leadership, and smarts!

All very fitting for Miss Tomoe!

When she was first introduced...I disliked Mami

heavily. She struck me as selfish, and someone

who held a grudge (mainly against Homura.)

She often prioritized her reputation over

doing her job with efficiency, and confessed

her true feelings of loneliness to Madoka

at a very vulnerable moment for them

both. I felt she was...a bit of a bitch. In

reality, she was a mirror of some of my

worst traits. She represented the parts

of myself I truly struggled with.

Realizing this helped me see her as

she is, a multifaceted person,

a person just like me.

It may sound silly, and it probably is, but I

began caring for Mami when I thought "maybe

if I can like a character who's similar to me...

I can like myself a bit more in the process."

This line of thinking has helped me be a little

kinder to myself, more understanding. When

reminded through a silly, twisted anime that

I can have some faults while still doing my

best, I begin to give myself some slack.

Didn't mean to get so heavy there!